We believe that learning about the technology that helps your firm run every day can be just as awesome as freeze tag on the playground used to be. Redtail U isn’t your typical all-day business workshop.


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What Advisors are Saying

“Doubt it could be improved! You folks are great!”

“The guys are very knowledgeable and there is so much info. They did a wonderful job.”

“Lots of info- but the presenters made it fun and engaging.”


Our Team

Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin


If the 13-year-old golden (but red-tailed) retriever Tucker-Me-Out McLaughlin is the mascot and namesake of Redtail Technology, his somewhat older human handler Brian McLaughlin is certainly the company’s face. While splitting his time at home between the Sacramento area and Lake Tahoe, Brian oversees the development of all software for the company. He loves the Oregon Ducks, designing software and working where he wants.

Rick Williamson

Rick Williamson

aka Ricky Redtail, Dark Overlord of Knowledge

Rick Williamson joined Redtail’s staff in 2011, and made an immediate impact with his assisting with numerous Marketing, Presentation and Partner / Integration projects. Additionally, “Ricky Redtail” is a great resource for advisors both on the phone and at conferences, helping them to determine how Redtail can maximize their efficiencies. Rick has since been given the reigns to help mold and develop the future of Redtail education, including both online and live education opportunities as the Redtail’s Lead Subject Matter Expert.

Curtis Ware

Curtis Ware

Subject Matter Expert, Workflow Wizard

Curtis started working with Redtail in 2012 as part of the Customer Support Team, and moved into the Training team in 2014. Curtis has a passion for training and loves finding new ways to troubleshoot issues that arise so he can pass on those tools for both coworkers and users to learn.

Nora Merza

Nora Merza

Subject Matter Expert, The Always Laughing Duchess of Data

Nora joined the Redtail Family in May 2014. Merza earned a master’s in management and a bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication from Arizona State University. Friendly, patient and contagious, Nora has a passion for teaching and hopes to share with you her obsession with Redtail’s latest technology!

Jonathan Maddock

Jonathan Maddock

The Knight of Knowledge

Jonathan Maddock, The Knight of Knowledge, is the most recent addition to our Redtail training team. Jonathan is a graduate of Sacramento State University with a concentration in Communication studies. Prior to joining Redtail, Jonathan worked in enterprise Knowledge Management implementations with a more recent stint in Payments Technology. His passion for sharing knowledge fits perfectly with the Redtail brand.

Melanie Figler

Melanie Figler

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Melanie began her Redtail career as a Sales Advisor. It quickly became apparent to everyone, however, that “strong organizational skills” was more than just a phrase to fill a resume with this one. Her passion for order and complementary ability to coordinate a lot of moving parts moved her into her current position of Executive Assistant.



Registration and Breakfast Open

Welcome to RTU




CRMs Don’t Work On Bad Data

Focus on Data Cleanup and Organization, Relationships

  • Database List
    • Status and Category
    • Keywords and UDFs
  • Clean Up
    • Searching
    • Reporting
    • Custom Exports
  • Contact Record
    • Family vs Memberships
    • Contact Card
    • Contact Details


Back To The Future

Focus on Notes and Activities

  • Notes
  • Activities
    • Reporting




Back To The Future: Part II

Focus on Reminders and Accounts

  • Reminders
    • Reporting
    • Reviews
    • DOB
  • Know Your Client
    • Accounts
  • Timeline




…You DO Need Roads

Focus on Workflow and Automation

  • Workflows
  • Automations




Your Future Is What You Make It

Focus on Marketing, Good Data, and Mass Communication

  • Searching
  • Seminars
    • Broadcast Emails
    • Mail Merge (Minimal)
  • Opportunities


Wrap Up and Q&A



Personal Introduction from Nora and Jonathan

Run through the format of the day as well as point out essential clicks performed throughout the day

  • Navigation


The Importance of Clean Data

Foundation of your system to make the CRM speak your language

  • Housekeeping
  • Database Lists
  • Relationships




Happy Clients

If it’s not in Redtail—it never happened! If you are not doing these actions on an everyday basis—you fall behind

  • Notes
  • Activities
  • Account Management
  • Know Your Client




Process Management

Process optimization for collaboration, client experience and scalability

  • Workflows
  • Automations





Use the CRM to address things like the DOL deadline, wealth transfer, social media, risk and more

  • Seminars
  • Mail Merges
  • Broadcast Emails


Wrap Up and Q&A



So what is RTU exactly?

RTU, or Redtail University, is a training workshop for Redtail CRM. There will be a number of Redtail Trainers and Support on hand to help get all your questions answered. It includes a full day of intensive training using a combination of PowerPoint, live CRM navigation, an exclusive RTU workbook, as well as open conversation between attendees and the Trainers. RTU is provided to those users who prefer a classroom setting for their training with live Trainers and detailed best practices.

What’s included?

The 1-day session lasts from 8:30 to 5:00, with an hour break for lunch and two quarter-hour breaks during the day. We provide a continental breakfast and lunch, a workbook to take home with you, and a few goodies. On the registration page there will be suggestions for accommodations, but you pay for that separately.

What do I bring?

Since the new Redtail CRM is compatible with your devices, you should bring a laptop or an iPad. It’s also compatible with your smart phone, but we don’t recommend trying to follow along on such a small device. We’ll have all login and wifi info available.

How do I know which session to attend?

First and foremost, keep in mind that both sessions cover the same material. They are just presented differently and with emphasis on different subjects. Here are descriptions for each session. Many of our user offices send representatives to both, and then they share with each other back at the office. Also check out the agenda for a more detailed look at what will be covered!

“Office Staff” Designed for office staff or solo advisors who spend the majority of their day working in the CRM. We’ll focus on promoting optimal use and best practices in a point and click, scenario-based teaching style.

“Advisor” Focused on advisors and advanced users looking to maximize efficiency and apply best practices to general CRM application. This session is more collaborative and focused using a conceptual and strategic teaching style.

Do I need to know anything before I attend?

Redtail University is recommended for users with a familiar understanding of the navigation and general features of the CRM. We do not recommend Redtail University for those who have being using Redtail CRM for less than 3 months. Before you attend, we strongly recommend watching the Redtail University: Basics 101 series of videos for a refresher on some things that may be referenced, but not covered at RTU.

Project Tailwag?

2016 is the year when Project Tailwag takes over, and we promise, this is going to turn out a whole lot better than all those technology takeovers you see in the movies.

If you haven’t migrated to our newest and greatest interface yet, Redtail University events are your golden ticket to learning everything you need to know to work faster and better than before. And that’s important, because this year training will take place using the Tailwag version of Redtail CRM. All of our best Redtail Knowledge Ninjas will be on hand to answer your questions and give out free high-fives. We’ll have a session for Advisors, so you can learn all the tips and tricks for that side of Redtail, and we also have a session for Staff to go over the finer points of Redtail in everyday use.
Whats New in Project Tailwag?

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